Collins Aircraft Antennas

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Collins Aircraft Antennas: for surveillance and interception
by Lino Esposito ( Swl:I1-3152/Ge )

Almost every year at the beginning of spring, I get the burning desire to go jogging, something I should do all year round. Although due to my laziness I only drag myself out when the beautiful spring days arrive, but I do give up almost immediately. Sometimes I go by car up to Mount Righi, where you can enjoy a wonderful view of the city of Genoa. I leave my car in the car pack and set off to run my planned route, but in the end, I don't usually complete it. Sometimes I don't even arrive halfway. However I never forget to pass by, like every eager radio and radio communications fan, that majestic Genoa-Radio/Icb antenna (well-known radio station for maritime communications) positioned in the old and majestic castle called Castellaccio. I stop for a while, and I try to see the gigantic log periodic directive antennas rotate, but immediately it comes to mind that radio frequency isn't good for you. Genoa-Radio/Icb can sometimes manage to transmit with 25 kilowatts of power.

In one of those many afternoons, after having only jogged a few kilometres (as you say), with my tongue already hanging out and gasping for an oxygen mask, I stopped to try and catch my breathe back. After a little while, having gotten myself together, I admired the woods near the road, listening to the silence which was only interrupted every so often by the flapping of bird's wings and their delicate chirping. All of a sudden, from a far, the roar of the engine of a 4x4 truck broke that marvelous peace. After a short distance from the road I was on before, it arrived at a dirt track, and stopped where there was a multitude of antennas above it. I understood immediately that it was a vehicle belonging to the Post and Telecommunications Ministry, which checked almost all the radio frequencies. But the thing that hit me in particular, observing those antennas mounted above it, was a little antenna shaped like a shark's fin with the writing Collins on it. I thought to myself "Would you believe it!!! Collins!!! My passion, also here!!!" I had already seen this type of antenna, which is used on half the world's planes! Immediately afterwards, I walked away and made my way home. Also in this case, the grandiose and legendary name Collins appeared; once again Collins antennas help to carry out a task of vital importance: the safety of many people, and at times, the prevention of crimes.



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