Arthur Andrew Collins

Arthur A.Collins
September 9, 1907 - February 26, 1987

The real thrill in amateur work comes not from talking to stations in distant lands, not from receiving multitudes of "QSL" cards from all the world, although these are things to stir your imagination, but from knowing that by careful and painstaking work and by diligent and systematic study you bave been able to accomplish some fact or establish some fact that is a new step toward more perfect communication.

From Radio Age magazine May 1926, by Arthur Collins, age 16


Field of Dreams

The one constant in radio through all the years has been Collins.Other manufactures have rolled by like an army of steamrollers that has been erased like a blackboard, rebuilt and erased again.But Collins has marked the timing.
Collins radios are a part of our past.It reminds us of all that was once good, thet could be again...

Mr.Jay Roman

What wrote Mr.Jay H.Miller about Mr. A.A.Collins

"A boy inventor and radio wizzard, Mr. Collins founded the Collins Radio Company of Cedar Rapids, Iowa.
He built his small transmitter company into one of the largest communications and avionics corporations in the world.
His personal contributions to what he called "more perfect communications" are legendary.
Collins Radio perfected modern single sideband communications and made what is generally agreed to be the finest line of amateur radio equipment.
The Collins company also pioneered the field of aircraft electronic navigation with its Flight Director, on-board radar, HF and VHF communications and early computer applications.
Mr. Collins held the amateur callsign W0CXX until his death in 1987.
His callsign now belongs to the Collins Amateur Radio Club in Cedar Rapids. "

Copyright Mr. J.H.Miller

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