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King Hussein from Jordania

Even his Royal Highness King Hussein from Jordania (amateur radio named JY 1), used Collins radio equipment.
In this photo, we see him with a 651s-1 receiver, it's brand new!!!!



This is my collection of Signal magazines (Collins Radio Company publications ,limited editions)

Radio room of Trapani Radio
Collins Receivers 651S-1


Mr. Piero Pusone (I1-PP): a Collins distributor of rare greatness
by Lino Esposito (Swl: I1-3152/Ge)

Walking along Via Orlando in the elegant and quiet residential area of Genoa called Albaro in springtime, you feel immediately surrounded by the perfume of Jasmine and Wisterias, you hear the delicate chirping of birds and at times you feel a light sea breeze.

When the street on the hill becomes narrower, it seems almost as if it becomes more precious. Immediately after the bend at number 24, you can find Villa Barbara, elegant e tidy, here for tens of years there are the offices of the company Standard Elettronica Italiana owned by Mr. Piero Pusone (amateur radio named I1-PP) that was a large distributor of Collins' radio equipment, both civil and military. It supplied, for a number of years, a large number of amateur radio as well as state, ministerial and military bodies. 

From the stories of some of the older amateur radio, who went to his office, not only were there all the models of radio devises for amateur radio, but also lots of Collins receivers R 390 A and R 392, used by the army and other forces. It is also worth mentioning the supply of tens Collins' receivers 51s-1 and 651s-1 to the coastal radio station Genoa-Radio (Icb). 

Mr. Pusone was tall, robust, affable, kind and appreciated that he represented a grandiose and legendary industry like the Collins Radio Company. Sometimes he allowed other amateur radio to visit his radio station. Above his office, there was a room with a large piece of furniture with two shelves, on the top glass shelf there were positioned two complete S Collins lines with numerous other accessories. On the roof of the villa, there was a framework with some antennas. For many years, you could find Stelit advertisements in many magazines for amateur radio. In conclusion, you can certainly state that Mr. Pusone was a distributor of rare greatness, the biggest in Europe, for a grandiose and legendary industry like Collins Radio Company, which held the unrivaled leadership in the world for 50 years.

Above you can see an advert for the Collins , that the Stelit of Doctor Pusone advertised in some magazines. In this case Radio Rivista ( which is the official journal of the Associazione Radioamatori Italiani ) January 1981 issue.

Roma-Radio(Iar): radio rooms in the 1970's
with Collins 51S-1 receivers.

The photos you see are courtesy of Mr.Natale Pappalardo, radio telegraph operator and amateur radio named IZ0-DDD.

Collins radios in cinematography
by Lino Esposito (Swl: I1-3152/Ge)

Who knows how many times watching a film at the cinema or on television, we have noticed an object, something particular, that made us remember something...., about our life or the life of other people.
It is logical and obvious, that in the field of radio apparatus whoever is employed in this field (be he a technician, a radio-amateur, a radio operator, etc) is ideally placed to notice them.

Starting in the early fifties through the late nineties in the vast repertoir of films for the cinemea and for television, one may see numerous examples of the use of Collins Radio Company radio equipments.
There have been some film directors that with their staff have paid attention to certain details.For example, the great film director Francis Ford Coppola, in the film "Apocalypse Now" besides skillfully describing the personality and the psychology of the various characters, was very attentive, even using the Collins CC2 case (made by Samsonite for the Collins Radio Company) inside which was the transceiver Collins KWM-2A, the Collins microphone MM-1 and other accessories.
In a scene from the film, whilst the us navy lookout boat, with Lieutenant Willard (Martin Sheen) aboard, was navigating the river Nhung searching for Colonel Kurtz (Marlon Brando), it is taken by a group of american soldiers in search of help. In this scene an attentive eye will discern that one of the soldiers carries with him a Collins CC2 case.
This is a detail that has not been invented, it is real! It is history!
In fact in the Vietnam war a wide use was made of the Collins CC-2 case and relative Collins radio equipments.
In another scene, again from the film "Apocalypse Now", inside a caravan, Lieutenant Willard whilst receiving orders from his superiors to eliminate Colonel Kurtz, one can see, beside a settee, a transceiver Collins KWM-2A.

In some 007 films one may discern collins radio sets, and even the particular vhf sharks fin aerials installed on numerous aeroplanes.
In the film Rambo 2, one is able to note the Collins R-388 receiver.
In the television series "Mission Impossible', (USA 1966-1972) a Collins transceiver KWM-2A is clearly visible in the initial logo. It is so in other numerous films both for the cinema and for the television.

In conclusion, and returning to our time, the Collins Radio Company is a division of Rockwell, which produces radio equpments and instruments and systems for aeroplanes which, using an american term, is called avionics.
Each day, millions of people travel around the world safe aboard aeroplanes thanks to Collins high technology. In fact, numerous radio sets and certain flight instruments were patented by Arthur Andrew Collins and his engineers, and other electronic systems were improved or even redesigned.

Lino Esposito



This is my collection of vintage share certificates from the Collins Radio Company.
The most notable one is in the centre, sepia-coloured, dating from 1950's.

Collins Column

In the photograph above you can see a number of the( small ) monthly Collins Column magazines which
were created by the worker of Collins Radio Company to boost the morale of worker who were doing
military service during the Second World War.


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